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In this section, we share sewing ideas and show you how to transform clothes or home accessories, bringing new life to old items instead of throwing them away.

While altering an existing piece can be less daunting than crafting a new one from scratch, customizing also enables you to create your unique and original style.

By recycling unused pieces, you contribute to reduce waste and preserve natural resources. A nice way of supporting eco-friendly behaviors!

Colorful Quilting Cushion

This beautiful patchwork cushion with colorful fabric is a perfect project to create with free motion quilting techniques in order to add a decorative touch. Follow our step-by-step tutorial and brighten up any area of your home with our new sewing idea

The classic suit jacket

Inspired by Haute Couture style, the timeless jacket features a classic cut combined with contemporary bright colors. Follow the step-by-step instructions for the project made with the elna eXcellence 790PRO by clicking on the button below.

Tote bag tutorial

This beautiful tote is an ultra-easy project to create, perfect for beginners. Discover our step-by-step sewing tutorial to quickly sew this bag, practical for going to the beach, swimming pool, school or to the library. Its inside pocket will allow you to access your keys or your phone quickly. For more originality, a decorative accent can be added to the outside of your bag, either by using our suggested feather embroidery or a contrast fabric.

Upcycling cushion

For this fantastic recycling project, we used two special presser feet included in the bonus package of our eXcellence 580+ and 680+ 80th anniversary edition. Get inspiration from our tutorial and create a gorgeous outdoor cushion for a cozy and colorful relaxation area! Reuse your fabric scraps and combine colors and patterns for extra charm.

Rolled hemline

Rolled hemline is a perfect method to create a clean and durable hemline on lightweight and medium weight fabrics. Ideal way to finish hemlines for blouses, dresses and skirts. Quick to make and beginner-friendly.

Reversible cape

This cape has it all! And it is relatively easy to make with the help of an overlocker. Its appeal lies in its fashionable cut, trendy finishing touches and its extra bonus: it is reversible! In this way, you to match it with different outfits making the most of your wardrobe.

Upcycling blouse

Men's shirts have the particularity of getting quickly worn out or outdated. Today we share a great upcycling project that will allow you to use old shirts to create a blouse with a very fresh and feminine look. Follow the step-by-step instructions by clicking on the button below and create many new combinations of fabrics and finishes. Totally Zero Waste!

Pen case

Learn how to create a leather pen case with our eXcellence 720PRO. Elegant and practical, this accessory will be a nice gift idea!

Bow tie

Learn how to make a bow tie that you can wear on several occasions. We show you how to create an original and trendy accessory that you can adapt according to your taste and style! A lovely idea for your next creation.

Blouse with ranglan sleeves

Inspired by glamorous 1950’s style and Dior’s legendary New Look, we created a romantic and sophisticated outfit. The light and sumptuous muslin top is lined with a crêpe de Chine and enhanced by an exclusive decorative stitch made with our Stitch Composer software.

Midi skirt with gathering

Inspired by glamorous 1950’s style and Dior’s legendary New Look, we created a romantic and sophisticated outfit that showcases the distinctive feminine silhouette defined by a tiny waist and a round full skirt with multiple layers and mid-length hemline.

Exclusive decorative pattern

This decorative pattern has been created using our Stitch Composer software, which is provided with our eXcellence 780+, eXpressive 860 and eXpressive 920. We used it to decorate the silk blouse that is part of the pink suit posted above.

Shopping bag

This sweet tote bag is a quick and easy sewing project. It will serve all sorts of purposes and will follow you to work or school, to your next outing or sewing class.

Quilted bedspread

Bring new color and life into your bedroom! We used two existing duvet covers to create a quilted bedspread. The original border and lining from the second cover create a fancy, yet soft design.

Cushion with appliqué – Bird pattern

Out of matching pillow covers, we made a fantasy cushion using appliqué. In the tutorial, we show the step-by-step guidelines and provide the pattern. There are no limits for making fun and astonishing accessories !

Dress with decorative trim

The following instructions will show you how using a basic gathering stitch on your machine can create a beautiful accent to a basic A-line dress.
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