“Upcycling project Make your own outdoor cushion by upcycling old fabrics”

Here’s an idea. Why not reuse your fabric scraps and give new life to an old outdoor cushion?
Create a multi-patterned cover for a colorful and comfortable outdoor cushion, which is perfect for relaxing under the summer sun.

With the Piping Foot and Concealed Zipper Foot included in the elna eXcellence 580+ and 680+ special anniversary edition, you can customize the finishing touches using the right tools.

No need to wait any longer to get started. Simply use the scraps of different fabrics left over from your previous creations. The mix of patterns and colors will add extra charm.

100% zero waste!


  • 1 m x 50 cm (1 yard x 20”) of printed cotton or 2 x 50 x 50 cm (2 yards x 20” x 20”) of multi-patterned cotton (see example). Please adapt the fabric’s dimensions according to the size of your cushion.
  • 2 pieces of fabric for the border, 20 cm x 80 cm (7 7/8” x 31 1/2”), plain or printed cotton of your choice (or depending on the size of your cushion) to create the border
  • 2 x 4.5 x 160 cm (2 strips of 1.5” x 63” ) of cotton to create the piping
  • 2 x 160 cm (2 of 63”) cord for the piping
  • 80 cm zip per metre (32” zipper per yard)
  • Sewing thread in different or matching colors
  • Chalk, pins, measuring tape, scissors, hand sewing needle


  • Elna computerized sewing machine. In this tutorial, we use the eXcellence 680+ special anniversary edition.
  • Standard foot A
  • Concealed zipper foot Z* (Ref. 200-333-023)
  • Piping foot l* (Ref. 202-088-200)

* These two presser feet are included in the special bonus package of the eXcellence 580+ and 680+ 80th Anniversary edition and are also available as optional accessories.



To prepare

Trace a circle corresponding to the circumference of the cushion on each fabric square measuring 50 x 50 cm (20” x 20” ) and then cut the two circles to create the top and bottom of the cover. If you are using a single piece of 1 m (1 yard) wide fabric, first cut the fabric in half to make two 50 x 50 cm (20” x 20” )squares.

In this tutorial we use two fabrics with matching colors and patterns from the Tilda Old Rose fabric collection.


Inserting the invisible zip

Take a 20 x 80 cm (7 7/8” x 31 1/2” ) strip, fold it in half lengthwise and cut along the fold. You now have two 10 by 80 cm (4” x 31 1/2” ) strips. Insert the invisible zipper along the entire length of the two strips, and fasten it with pins so that the fabric covers it on both sides. Install the “Invisible Zipper Foot Z” on the machine. Unfold and insert the zipper tape inside the groove under the presser foot, then sew.
When finished, be sure to close the zipper before ironing your fabric.


Join the two strips with the standard foot A, both the strip with the zipper and the one without, which will provide a border of about 160 cm (63”).
Iron when finished.


Making and sewing the piping

Install the piping foot on the machine. Lay the piping strip right sides together on the edge of the fabric and pin. Place strip of cord in the center of the strip, bring the ends of the strip opposite sides together to cover it. Make sure the cord is in the groove under the presser foot, then sew. Repeat this step for the other side of the border.
Iron the seams when finished.


Finally, sew the border onto one of the two circles. Adjust and cut off any excess fabric. Sew the first circle wrong sides together, and then the second fabric circle, also wrong sides together. This is easier if the circle is underneath. Oversew all seams using stitch no. 13 of the eXcellence 680+. When finished sewing, iron the seams and turn the cover inside out.

Congratulations! Your cushion cover is complete. For unique looks you can endlessly vary the combinations of patterns and finishes. 

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