“Cushion with appliqué – Bird pattern”

Size: 60/30 cm


  • 70/140 cm of cotton or white fabric
  • 20/60 cm of printed cotton
  • 45 cm nylon zip
  • A white sewing thread
  • A machine embroidery thread matching the printed fabric
  • 15/90 cm of Vliesofix


  • Standard foot A
  • Zipper Foot E
  • Standard foot F



Cut two rectangles of 62 cm/32 cm (including a 1 cm seam) from the white cotton.


Print and cut out the pattern of the bird.


Place the rough side of the Vliesofix on the wrong side of the printed fabric, press, without steam, for a few seconds with a very hot iron.


Place the pattern of the bird on the printed fabric, on the side of the Vliesofix. Draw the outline, cut around the outline and prepare three birds.


To avoid damaging the edge of the fabric when removing the paper, make a small tear using a pin in the centre of the bird shape, then remove the paper.


Position the birds where you would like them on a rectangle of white fabric.


Press with a very hot iron.


Select an appliqué stitch on your machine, refer to your user manual if needed. Attach the clear presser foot F and thread your machine.


Attach presser foot A, thread your machine with the white sewing thread.


Select the zig-zag stitch and overcast the four sides of both sides of the cushion.


Position the two sides of the cushion right sides together. On one of the two long sides, sew an8 ½ cm seam at both ends.Seam width of 1 cm.


Iron the open seam. Pin and tack the zip into the space created.


Attach the zipper foot E to your sewing machine. Sew 5 mm from the edge starting from the left side.

*Before you reach the slider, insert the needle into the fabric, lift the presser foot and slip the slider to the back of the fabric. Lower the presser foot and resume sewing. One cm after the opening, insert the needle into the fabric, raise the presser foot, turn the fabric a quarter of a turn, then lower the presser foot again and sew for one cm.


Insert the needle into the fabric, lift the presser foot, turn. To sew the second side of the zip repeat step *, then finish with a back stitch.


Open the zipper, position the two sides of the cushion right sides together, then sew the remaining three sides, cut the corners, turn right side out and iron.

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