“Pen case”


  • a sheet of strong card stock
  • lead pencil, ruler, scissors
  • a piece of leather 1.5 mm thick (here I have used two 1.5
  • a cutter
  • wooden burnisher for the leather cut
  • a spool or two (depending on your style) of polyester thread, thickness N° 80
  • a sheet of fine-grain sandpaper or a nail file.


  • Elna electronic sewing machine
  • In this tutorial we use the eXcellence 720PRO.



First job: trace and cut out the templates.


Then transfer to the leather and cut with the cutter.


A large part of the cutting is done by freehand. So be careful to hold the cutter perpendicular to the piece of leather. Otherwise there is a risk of cutting the thickness at an angle, which will make it difficult to assemble the two parts of the case.


The sharp edges are softened with the edge cutter, then sanded with sandpaper.


We will now assemble and glue the first two parts of the case. Adhesive can be spread to the bonding surface with a small brush.


A few minutes later we assemble the 3 pieces and we are ready to use the sewing machine.


Prior to using the sewing machine, the following steps must be followed:

a) Choose leather that is suitable for machine stitching (no more than 1.5 mm thick).

b) Choose a needle that is suitable for sewing leather, 90 or 100 – select it according to the thickness of your leather.

c) Make sure you have a presser foot for sewing leather.

d) Choose thread for sewing the leather.

e) Prepare the pieces of leather to be sewn.

f) Do a test and adjust the stitch.

g) Stitch your leather.


On the ELNA eXcellence 720PRO sewing machine, attach the HP professional plate, HP professional presser foot, a needle for sewing leather and adjust the stitch according to your style.


Stitch your leather and sew, leaving 2 mm at the edge.


Finishing the edges (evening them out by trimming, dyeing the sides, and smoothing if necessary).


Congratulations you have just completed your pen case!

* If you would like to dye the edges for an optimal finish, use a dye for leather, apply it cleanly with a small brush or cotton swabs and let the case dry. Example.

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