Digitizer EX V5.5


Embroidery Software – Digitizer EX V5.5

Create without limits!

Our embroidery software Digitizer EX in the new version V5.5 offers unprecedented features that will take your creations to the next level! You will have access to innovative embroidery textures with surprising effects.

Discover the new and improved features of the new Digitizer EX V5.5:

  • New and easier monogramming
  • Outlines and Offsets
  • Multi-hooping
  • Color PhotoStitch
  • New creative stitches
  • Design Manager
  • Design layout tools
  • Stumpwork
  • Satin Line with Elastic Embossing
    Please download the comparison chart for V5.5 and V5.5 Junior (PDF format)

Monogramming and Lettering

A large selection of predefined monograms, border shapes and ornaments together with a set of easy-to-use tools, offers a simpler way to create professional-looking monograms and custom-lettering.

Color PhotoStitch

To automatically create embroidery versions of photos in a few clicks. Enables to choose the number of thread colors, desired resolution and combine with lettering or designs.

Creative Stitches

Embossed satin stitch and embossed fills turn with the shape of the object and are scaled accordingly.


To easily split large embroidery or multiple designs spaced around an article into multiple hoops. These can then be stitched consecutively to form the whole design.

Previous features still available in Digitizer EX V5.5 version

Modern and easy-to-use work interface

The new work interface is intuitive and practical. For more comfort and usability, the “Tool bar” combines all key features in one area.

Guiding lines

Create guiding lines on your workspace to align, place and rotate easily different elements of your embroidery design.

Customize your embroidery designs with new Digitizer’s tools

  • “Alternate colors”
  • “Colors wheel”
  • Embroidery preview feature
  • Lettering and Monogramming
  • “Edit” features

Attractive effects

  • “3D Effect
  • “Ripple fill Effect”
  • Colors blending
  • Carving stamp
  • Calligraphy Effect
  • New buttonholes
  • “Cutwork” feature
  • “Stumpwork” feature

Give free rein to your creativity and discover your designing talents while becoming more and more familiar with your Digitizer software!

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